Our vision, is that what happened to Gunnar on March 5th, 2019, when Gunnar was intimidated, harassed, and bullied for wearing a hat on hat day, representing the sitting President of the United States of America , Donald J. Trump , with the words , Make America Great Again, will be used for good, become a Movement across this Great Country !

Gunnar represents Generation Z. He represents a generation born into a moment in time in which the very foundations , our Constitution , our 1st Amendment Rights, and our Biblical values are being compromised, and torn down right before their eyes.

Gunnar is an inspiration for other young Americans because Gunnar and Generation Z are our future! BOYS FOR TRUMP believes in this country and our Great President Trump. Together, we can encourage others to stand up and stand strong , live out our Freedom of Speech and our Constitution. This movement can lead others back to the true Patriotic America we once were and will be again.