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What is "Boys for Trump?"

Empowering boys to use their First Amendment rights to speak up proudly for America, The Constitution, and our Great President.

We are a not-for-profit company who provides counsel and funding for legal support for young Patriots of America. We aid and encourage those who have had their First Amendment Rights violated, while standing up proudly in support of our country and 45th President.

Gunnar's School Bus Trump Hat Incident  - Violation of First Amendment Rights -  2019

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Meet Gunnar....and Roxy

 Gunnar is a 14 year old, middle school boy and twin brother of Alexander.  He is passionate about  God, family, our Country and our Great President !

He is fearless, always faces into adversity and never quits. He is an overcomer and a dreamer. He is creative and funny. He loves the beach,surfing, his dog Roxy, playing lacrosse, and helping others. He has a beautiful heart and a smile that is contagious.

Gunnar has been interested in Civics since 5th Grade..  On a family trip to Washington DC last summer, Gunnar set out to find a special Trump hat that has now inspired him to start this      Boys For Trump movement.

Gunnar loves people, has a quick wit, and a passion for life and adventure ! We love Gunnar and believe that his journey will lead to an amazing future! Who knows... he just could be President someday !